1997 Toyota Hilux Diesel turbo auto 4×4

This 1997 Toyota Hilux is now 25 years old and eligible for markets like Quebec and the USA. This truck has been a personal vehicle for a number of years, and I have used it regularly. I can blame previous owners though for it’s cosmetic condition which, I’ll be honest, leaves a bit to be desired. At least one of the old owners had a habit of letting their cigarettes ash into their lap and through the seats. The bed (which only has a capacity of 350kg) has had a lot of blunt, heavy items dropped inside leaving more scars, dents and scrapes than paint. I wouldn’t dare try to detail or polish the body for fear of burning through the hazed clear coat. The over fenders look as though they were installed without adult supervision but somehow seem to stay in place. The climate control cable pull mechanism is losing the plot and maneuvering between heat and cool takes focus.

That said, everything is functional from AC, power windows, steering, 4×4 and low range. All the instruments are working, the manual sunroof doesn’t leak and the transmission shifts nicely. On my watch, all suspension, brakes, timing belt, Alt belts and fluids have been replaced in the last 2000km along with the BF Goodrich KO2 tires. The design of this truck is belt and suspenders. If you throw one alternator belt, there is a spare. When one battery goes flat, there is another to get you home. It is a durable, rugged design as proved better than I ever could in places the UN only ventures with armored vehicles. I’ve been a gentle owner, cruising speed under 100km/h and no pushing on hills.

Currently in Ontario, in dry, heated storage. Viewings can be arranged, but no drives until roads are clear of sale.

Here is a walkaround of this truck:

$15 900