*RESERVED 2003 Honda CR-V Performa IL-D 4WD with Sunroof

This nice looking ’03 RD5 CR-V from 2003 has just 65,500km, along with some great options like the push gate on the front bumper, a sunroof, and the full sized spare with FRP color matched tire cover. The RD5 generation of CR-Vs has been sailing to Canadian shores now for a few years to drive our roads, and has proven to be an extremely reliable, well-built and competent car. Although not identical to the Canadian CR-V of the same year, parts are readily available; simple service and maintenance. They handle all road conditions with their light-weight 4WD system, and drive/ride comfortable as their namesake would indicate (Comfortable Runabout Vehicle).

This ’03 has a few nice features that were discontinued in newer generation cars such as the ‘cool box’ which readily fits a sandwich or a can of pop, tied into the car’s HVAC. As well, you would be surprised how often you can find a reason to make use of the fold-out trunk floor picnic table!

The RD5 generation of CR-Vs are powered by a 2L DOHC K20 iVTEC engine, easily supported by both Honda Canada and aftermarket options. The dual pump rear diff 4×4 system is identical to the Canadian market cars. Power and acceleration is ample for day-to-day driving or commuting. We will change the Japanese radio to a new JVC bluetooth unit to make that daily drive more enjoyable though!

On arrival, this CR-V will be sold certified and plated in a new owner’s name at the advertised price. Pricing does not include HST.

*Now reserved, thank you

$12 100