2003 Honda CR-V RD5 4WD 58k

Here is a 2003 RD5 that has set sail for Canada and due here in late March. This CR-V is nicely optioned with rain guards, rear privacy glass, alloy wheels, rugged textured black plastic bumpers, skirts, mirrors, door handles and bump strips, as well as a full size spare tailgate mounted with an FRP tire cover.

These RD5 CRVs have proven they are up to the task in Ontario of daily driver in all weather. They are easy to service, cheap for parts and were a well built, simple crossover SUV.

Though they aren’t the newest eligible model CR-V, they still make an excellent choice these days for your all-season work-horse with great reliability and build quality.

RD5’s are powered by a K20 DOHC 4cyl 2L iVTEC engine with a timing chain. 4WD is identical to Canadian model cars with a dual pump rear diff system that is light and fuel efficient.

On arrival this CRV will be sold fit and plated in a new owner’s name, with a new bluetooth radio at the advertised price. Sales tax is not included.

Please inquire about reserving this CR-V while it is in transit!

$11 900