*RESERVED 2005 Honda CR-V RD7 iL-D 4WD in pearl white

Here is a 2006 RD7 CR-V which is currently in transit from Japan. The paint is a Pearl White NH265P which, once I have cleaned it up, is going to be a very nice bright white with metal flake sparkle. It’ll look great! This CR-V only has 40,300km on the odometer so lots of life in it yet for daily driving in Canada. It has been fitted with aftermarket 17″ alloy wheels, and roof racks.

Factory options on the RD7’s include heated mirrors and tailgate glass, HID lights, fog lights, fender mirror (the final CR-V model to include these mirrors), rain guards on the power windows, climate control AC with a cool box, and a color matched FRP tire cover.

These CR-Vs are compatible with the 2006 Canadian model sharing engine, brakes, arms and bushings so they are very easy to service here. The engine is a K24 DOHC 2.4L 4cylinder iVTEC with a timing chain. A 5speed auto transmission makes for smooth acceleration and very composed highway speeds. 4WD comes from the dual pump rear diff which automatically engages during a traction loss from the front wheels.

On arrival this CR-V will be sold fit and plated at the advertised price, including new tires and bluetooth radio.

Now reserved, thank you!

$12 600