2006 Honda CR-V RD7 AWD Wine Red

This is a 2006 Honda CR-V Performa LD RD7 4WD in wine red, with reasonably low KM and some nice factory options. It looks smart with 17″ factory alloys, running boards, and a full size spare with a color matched tire cover, as well as rain guards on all power windows. The rear glass has factory privacy tint from factory. RD7 CR-Vs come equipped with heated mirrors and rear glass, a cool-box tied to the car’s HVAC (you can keep lunch warm or a drink cool depending on your climate control setting), climate control AC, driver’s side auto power window, HID lights and fog lamps.

These CR-Vs are compatible with the 2006 Canadian model sharing engine, brakes, bushings so they are very easy to service here. The engine is a K24 DOHC 2.4L 4cylinder iVTEC with a timing chain. A 5speed auto transmission makes for smooth acceleration and very composed highway speeds. 4WD comes from the dual pump rear diff which automatically engages during a traction loss from the front wheels.

On arrival this CR-V will be sold fit and plated at the advertised price, including new tires and bluetooth radio. This CR-V is likely to arrive in Feb 2022 but please inquire about reserving while it is in transit!

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$12 700