2006 Mitsubishi Pajero IO 4×4 23,000km!!

23,700km!! How crazy is that? This Pajero has barely seen the road since production, and now it’s heading to Ontario in near new condition!

The Pajero IO has very similar dimensions to a CR-V. It is a crossover size SUV, and this one-owner example has the larger 2L engine option. The 4G94 engine is a 2L DOHC GDI also found in a Lancer. A super select 4×4 allows the driver full control over drive train selection. Also equipped with large rain guards, alloy wheels and fog lights. On arrival it will receive a new BT radio, and be sold fit and plated at the advertised price, sales tax not included.

Please inquire about reserving this IO in transit. ETA tentatively late winter 2023.

$13 300