2007 Honda CR-V RE4 4WD in rare purple! *RESERVED*

This 2007 RE4 CR-V ZX, 4wd model is finished in a very rare factory option RP37P Amethyst black pearl (which looks like a midnight purple), and looks excellent! The paint is in great condition, all original. Inside there is tan leather interior with heated front seats. The driver’s arm-rest leather surface is peeling which is common with the Honda leather interiors though. The light colored interior is otherwise in great condition, showing minimal age and wear. Other options include power windows with rain guards, heated mirrors, windshield and tailgate glass, dual zone AC climate control, HID headlights, fog lamps, keyless entry, 18″ alloy wheels, and a stow-able parcel shelf for the trunk.

These RE4 generation CR-Vs are powered by a K24 2.4L DOHC iVTEC engine which is smooth, quiet and good on gas. There is a 5speed overdrive automatic transmission, and 4WD comes from the dual pump rear diff which engages the rear wheels during a traction loss from the front. The RE4’s are mechanically identical to the Canadian CR-Vs from this era, and you won’t have any confusion when it is time for a brake job or maintenance.

On arrival, this CR-V will receive new tires, new bluetooth radio and will be sold fit and plated at the advertised price. Now reserved thank you

$14 200