*RESERVED 2007 Honda CR-V RE4 Silver metallic 62k

This ’07 RE4 CR-V 4WD in silver metallic with 62,300km is in nice condition and rust free. It has basic standard options like heated windshield wiper area, heated mirrors, rain guards on all 4 power windows, leather wrapped shifter and steering wheel, HID headlights and fog lights, dual zone climate control AC. Options include 18″ alloy wheels, power seat adjustments in front, and stowable trunk parcel shelf.

The RE4 CRVs are identical to Canadian model cars save for a reversed steering rack and some RHD specific items like mirror shapes and driver’s side auto power window option, but aside from that it is mechanically seamless to the Canadian car. Power comes from a K24A DOHC 2.4L 4cylinder with a timing chain; K series engines have help earned Honda a reputation for reliability. 4Wd comes from the dual pump rear diff which engages upon a pressure change from traction loss at the front wheels. It engages fast, and is a light weight 4WD system.

On arrival this CR-V will be certified and plated at the advertised price for a new owner. The radio will be swapped out for a new North American radio with BT that works here, and more prep can be done upon request.

*Now reserved thank you

$14 100