*Reserved 2007 Honda CR-V RE4 ZX Nighthwak black

Here is a very clean ZX RE4 CRV in Nighthawk black pearl with 61,800km and some nice options; twist knob ignition and smart key, power seats, HID lights, fog lights, dual zone climate control AC, heated wiper area and mirrors, rain guards on all 4 power windows and factory privacy tint across the rear glass, aero skirted running boards and rear stowable parcel shelf.

The underfloor and engine bay on this example are in very nice condition. It has been a well cared for example showing minimal wear traffic and use inside and out, and the black paint has survived 15 years of Japanese UV!

The RE4 CR-Vs feature a K24 2.4L DOHC 4cyl engine with a timing chain, 5speed automatic transmission, dual pump rear diff 4wd system and good ground clearence. They are reliable in all weather conditions in Ontario and have great parts support from Honda and aftermarket. They are easy to service here with very little difference between their Canadian counterpart models.

Now reserved thank you

$14 200