*RESERVED 2007 Honda CR-V RE4 ZXi leather and cruise control

Here is a very nicely equipped RE4 CR-V featuring rare options including IHCC cruise control (Intelligent Highway cruise control will automatically adjust speed to vehicles you are following) and CMBS (collision mitigation braking system will warn and brake before you bump something), as well as tan leather upholstery and heated front seats. As well, this is a twist knob ignition with smart keys. This generation of smart key FOB has a mechanical key stored in the fob which can be used instead of the twist knob, should the FOB battery die.

Standard options on the RE4 generation of Japanese CR-Vs are a little better than Canadian market cars from the same years. This ZXi is equipped with a heated windshield wiper area, heated mirrors, dual zone climate control AC with display, range and fuel economy displayed in cluster message center, 18″ alloy wheels, Honda Access rain guards on all 4 power windows, factory privacy glass tint across the rear glass, stowable parcel shelf for the trunk. It shows well with nice pearl white paint, leather interior with minimal wear, zero rust underneath and a 71,400km with good care and maintenance records.

The RE4 CR-Vs feature a K24 2.4L DOHC 4cyl engine with a timing chain, 5speed automatic transmission, dual pump rear diff 4wd system and good ground clearance. They are reliable in all weather conditions in Ontario and have great parts support from Honda and aftermarket. They are easy to service here with very little difference between their Canadian counterpart models.

Tentative arrival date for this CR-V will be in December 2022. On arrival, it will be sold fit and plated with new tires and brakes if necessary as well as a new bluetooth radio at the advertised price.

*Now reserved thank you

$14 600