2007 Honda Stepwgn RG2 4WD

It is hard finding a JDM minivan for the Canadian market that is reliable and easily serviced here with crossover parts availability, but the RG generation of Stepwgns have proven to be just that! These vans  make excellent daily drivers with easy handling, great fuel economy with a lot of storage capacity. Configured with 8 passenger seating that easily shifts out of the way for a huge amount of floor space, the Stepwgn can comfortably swallow a family of 5 (like mine!) or make room for a mountain of boxes. For all of that volume, fuel economy is comparable to a smaller CR-V.

Powered by a K20 2L DOHC 4cylinder found in many Canadian models, and a 4speed overdrive automatic transmission. 4WD comes from a dual pump rear diff, just like CR-Vs of the same era.

On arrival, this Stepwgn will receive new tires, bluetooth radio, safety and registration inclusive in the pricing.

Please inquire about reserving this Stepwgn while it is in transit!

$13 100