*RESERVED 2007 Honda Stepwgn RG2 4WD 53k

If you are looking for a bit more cargo capacity than a CR-V and don’t mind a Minivan, I think these Stepwgns are about the best RHD option you can get into. They interchange for parts better than any other JDM minivan I have imported, and they handle and drive very well here in our conditions. They have the light handling of a wagon or crossover but still provide about 100cubic feet for your cargo. And they look pretty good too!

This ’07 has just 53,000km, a nice cream interior, 7 passenger seating which is easily reconfigured for full rear floor space, dual side sliding door; both sliding doors can be remote operated from the FOB or dash buttons. Climate control AC, a neat glass roof option, and HID lights.

The RG2’s have a K20 engine, automatic transmission, and dual pump rear diff 4×4. They accelerate and handle well, and are comparable on fuel to a CR-V.

On arrival, this Stepwgn will be sold fit and plated in a new owner’s name, at the advertised price + HST.

*Now reserved, thank you

$13 300