2007 Toyota Toyoace 1250kg load Canopy truck

Look at this beauty! Here is a 2007 Toyoace cab-over work truck, with only 24,000km on the clock! The bed has a metal deck (some are wood) and is rated for a 1250kg load. A VVTi 2L engine is accessible by tilting the cab forward (make sure you stow everything in the cab first). But you’ve probably noticed that spectacular canopy! I’m going to have this truck ship to Canada with the canopy on, as it is the only way to get it, and the structure here. And I’ll cross my fingers that it all arrives intact. The canopy is a green weather treated canvas, lashed to a steel tube structure. It can be unlashed and disassembled, or partially rolled up.

The 2L engine is a 1TR-FE 2000cc DOHC 4cylinder with VVTi, longitudinally mounted for a RWD configuration, 5speed manual transmission. In it’s class, after having experienced a few of the JDM 1T trucks, I have found this chassis and engine to be excellent for Canadian use; it is well powered, handles a load, and can keep up with our traffic at a respectable pace. Many Japanese commercial trucks are under powered but this chassis will not disappoint.

Shipping is being scheduled for an Ontario arrival in summer, 2022.

A video of a similar TRY220 Chassis is below for reference. This was a silver Toyota Dyna which is very nearly identical in configuration to the Toyoace

$14 900