*Reserved 2008 RE4 4WD Silver 66k

This is a 2008 RE4 CR-V ‘X’ trim in silver, with only 66,100km. The ‘X’ trim has a vinyl clad steering wheel and shifter (as opposed to leather wrapped on some other models), 17″ alloy wheels, and mechanical driver’s seat adjustment. The interior of this car is very clean, with minimal signs of aging. This car is also equipped with dual zone climate control AC, heated windshield wiper area, HID lights, fog lights, power mirrors and windows, privacy tint across the back glass, and rain guards on all 4 power windows.

This RE4 will be easily serviceable in Canada as it is the most seamless of the CR-V generations to become eligible for the Canadian market; it is a well supported car here for parts. As well, these RE4’s make excellent daily drivers in all of our weather conditions.

The RE4 CR-Vs are powered by a K24 DOHC iVTEC engine; 2.4L 4cyl, and mated to a 5speed auto transmission, power to the front wheels, and then the rear via a dual pump diff system that engages on front traction loss.

On arrival, this CR-V will be sold fit and plated in a new owner’s name, with a new BT radio at the advertised price +HST.

*Now reserved, thank you!

$14 000