*Reserved 2009 Daihatsu Hijet light dump S211 4×4

Check this guy out! It’s an S211 (which means the new, more powerful engine!) electric hydraulic dump box, complete with rear locker, high and low range transfer, AM radio, and one heck of a clean bed!

This fantastic little unit will be traveling to Canada this summer, but not before being fitted with a new set of Grantrek TG4 TA tires before it ships! Can you see yourself motoring around your property, filling the bed up with things, driving somewhere else and then hitting the DUMP button? Or, how about flicking the rear diff switch and trying to spin it loose!?

With only 53,000km, AC, all the lighting and signals required to drive on the roads, all the traction you’d want to drive off-road, it’s no question this Hijet checks more boxes than a side-by-side!

Pricing is all-in for Ontario including safety and plates for the new owner. Pricing does not include HST.

Please inquire about reserving this Hijet while it is in transit.

$13 900