2006 Honda CR-V RD7 4WD Fullmark L

This gray 70,900km 2006 RD7 CR-V will be in transit to Canada for the end of 2023. It is a very nice looking Fullmark version. Just like the Canadian ’06 CR-Vs it has a K24 engine and dual pump 4WD, but unlike the Canadian cars it has a clean tailgate. A spare tire is located under the trunk picnic table rather than mounted outside (where they like to get seized on). With it’s NH691M gunmetal paint in excellent condition, 17″ alloy wheels and nice clear headlight lenses and rain guards, this CR-V looks sharp.

The RD7’s are powered by a k24 iVTEC DOHC 2.4L 4cylinder engine, through a 5speed automatic transmission, and drive by wire throttle, power and pick-up is quick, cruising is smooth and quiet, highway speed comes easily at a relatively low rpm. These are nice cars to drive.

Parts for the RD7 CR-Vs are nearly seamless to the Canadian cars with some minor RHD to LHD quirks like mirrors, power window switches etc. These are easy cars to maintain in Canada with good factory and aftermarket parts availibity.

On arrival, this CR-V will be sold fit and plated in a new owner’s name at the advertised price, complete with a new bluetooth JVC radio. HST is not included in the price. Please inquire about reserving this CR-V while it is in transit!

$12 700