2008 Suzuki Carry 4×4 DA63T 3200km!!! Low KM time capsule

The DA63T Carrys are a great truck. Unfortunately, this is no secret, so finding one old enough for Canada that hasn’t seen much use can be a challenge.

Check this guy out though! With only 3200km (documented and true) this Carry presents a rare opportunity and is ready for you to break in!

The DA63T trucks feature an aluminum K6A engine, this one is a 5speed manual with low range transfer 4×4. It has a bed liner, to protect the bed that basically hasn’t seen any use yet.

Optioned with AC for your comfort, manual windows that won’t break, and a simple to use AM radio with in-din speaker this ’08 has all it’s life in it still!

Setting sail from Japan for an early summer 2023 arrival, please inquire about reserving.

Pricing is all-in for Ontario (on road, plated) + HST.

$11 900