*RESERVED 2009 Honda Stepwgn RG2 4WD

This is a 2009 Honda Stepwgn RG2 in silver with only 55,700km currently making it’s way to Ontario.

These RG2 Stepwgns have proven to be excellent daily driver’s in Ontario. Thanks to similarities to other Honda models, servicing these AWD minivans is much easier than other RHD options. And they look sharp too!

Inside the 8 passenger seating is easily reconfigured for full rear floor space, dual side sliding door; both sliding doors can be remote operated from the FOB or dash buttons. Equipped with Climate control AC, mirror and rear glass defrost. In the photos, this van is pictured with black seat covers. The original cloth upholstery underneath is likely to be in perfect condition.

The RG2’s have a K20 engine, automatic transmission, and dual pump rear diff 4×4. They accelerate and handle well, and are comparable on fuel to a CR-V.

On arrival, this Stepwgn will be sold fit and plated in a new owner’s name, at the advertised price + HST.

*Now reserved, thank you!

$13 100